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London Real Estate Gains Exceed Toronto for First Time!

We have just a few short weeks and months to take advantage of the Federal Infrastructure Investments being committed to across the country.  This opportunity will establish London as the City for Growth for the next 25 years.  Our entire community must get behind this immediately for this attainable headline to come to fruition…London Gains Exceed Those of Toronto!

London has experienced growth in the heart of the city after decades of treading water economically.  Investments in residential towers, college expansions, tech industry offices and public venues are working together to drive our local economy and expand our tax base.  London is an affordable city with an exceptional quality of life – but it remains a hidden gem two hundred kilometers from Canada’s economic giant.  Exponential growth – a massive influx of industry – dramatic expansion in technology employers – diversification of London’s economic engine – all these things are simply one investment away  – Shift London… as highlighted in this short video.


25 years is a short time… if we look at how our City has changed over that period, thegrowth has been incremental, slow, steady, undramatic.  Some key employers have left the City… few have taken their place.  Real Estate has been a wise and steady investment – but it has not been the wealth creating engine experienced in other markets.  With an investment in rapid transit and improved transit connections to the GTA, London could experience a dramatic increase in new home buyers who discover “the hidden gem” down the road or further along the rail line.  As KW works with the GTA to improve transit connections, London must be at the table gaining similar access.  Shift London is an essential component for our City to have credibility in attracting future Federal and Provincial transit investments.  Show your support for Shift London – contact your Councillor or the Mayor and let them know you stand for investing in our future… we can make the headline happen!